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Thursday, June 29, 2006

"The Dal Pals"
Almost 8 yrs ago we brought our Dalmatian Lizzie home, she was 8 weeks old. Soon after, we got our first computer and got online.
My next stop was to find links related to Dalmatians and I found the AOL Dalmatian Message Board. This was a true find! I met some of the nicest people who just happen to own Dalmatians, of course, from all over the country. AND our world traveler "Barb" who can be found almost anywhere .
Today we still keep in touch and call ourselves the "DalPals."

There are so many benefits to the internet and the greatest has been the ability to "meet" and make friends of common interests from all over the world. Giving support to each other when health issues sometimes arise with our Dals, but also to share good news, accomplishments, funny stories and just general life news.

The DalPals also have "honorary" members who may not actually be owned by a Dal.
Our "Pal" Eileen is an "Elkie-mom" but she is a welcome member of our little troup. It is wonderful when you can share canine info and get links to resources across breeds.
Many of us have been lucky to meet in person at gatherings around the county. Being coast to coast it isn't always easy to do but some great times have been arranged! Betsy was "party central" for a while...she even has gotten some "cyber parties" going from time to time!

The DalPals are very generous people in heart and soul (Kathy is our multi-species rescuer!.) They have supported canine rescue and helping Dalmatians and others from across the country when a special needs issue has come to our attention.
Arranging transport, providing funds, connecting people together, even adopting a homeless Dal in need if they could. (Jeannie is a hands-on rescuer/helper, who is there when the chips are down and has comforted many a canine soul in their most dire moments.)
We are lucky to have a diverse group and the knowledge of responsible Dalmatian breeders who show their dogs in conformation and agility. (Amy and Suzi cover both coasts!)
And the photos! oh we have some wonderful photos of puppies and the member's Dals through the years.
I am so fortunate to know this merry band of Dalmatian Pals ...if you are an AOL member, access the board and say HI!
I know I will miss names here but we have Nini, Andrea, Monica, Viv, Annette, Jay, Sulai, Chris, Sonya, Lori, Debbie...and those already mentioned in the post.

Dalmatians are exhuberantly entertaining and real velcro people dogs but require knowledgeable guardians for life. Always research and speak with Dalmatian people BEFORE you obtain that "cute puppy"...believe me there is nothing more adorable than a litter of 6-8 week old spotted pups. VERY IRRESISTABLE! But do the homework and learn about the breed.
This will avoid the need to find a foster or rescue home for the older puppy who the uninformed owner hasn't the time or attention for.
Save a life and research any breed before buying or adopting! The RESPONSIBLE breeder will never sell one of their puppies to an uninformed or unprepared new owner. A PET SHOP will.
A RESCUE will help educate you if you plan to adopt and save a life.
Choose wisely!

The photo of Lizzie at 6 months with her "snackie cube" shows her in action with her favorite sport...FOOD!

The painting "Those Puppy Eyes" was sold to assist Dalmatian rescue Lizzie was the model for this painting!

All Pictures Posted to this Blog are COPYRIGHTED and protected by law. They may not be reproduced in any manner without my written consent.

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