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Friday, June 30, 2006


The current version of the Art Helping Animals website was launched by Stella Violano, artist extraordinaire, painter of homeless animals, in February of this year. She has coordinated a band of artists into a true "Fellowship" that has raised over $6000.00 for animal charities in this short time.
The inspirational leadership of this group comes directly from Stella's boundless energy to get things done. I have found my artistic spirit spilling over with new ideas as I try to follow her example and work ethic.

To belong to a group (for lack of a better word) that covers the country, and has an artist colleague also in Europe, with diverse style and approach to their individual art, has been a wonderful collaborative experience.
Where there is cooperation and sharing, generous promotional efforts, encouragement and support you find wonderful results in work and charity.

It is amazing to be an artist who brings a creative idea to life but this effort is made really special to have an end that results, in the best case scenario, contributing to help healing and even saving lives.

For some, "art" is a luxury or maybe something frivolous, certainly not a neccessity of life. But for the one who has an appreciation of "art" it is vital and adds to life immeasurably. For an artist to be able to creatively express these ideas that bubble up, spark from within, waft through the mind or arrive in dreams art is essential.

For me, personally, I spent many years pushing these ideas, as they would occur to me, back into a holding pattern. I was of the belief that if and when the happenenings of life would settle down or find a time that was "right" I might yet devote myself to painting.

When a unique challenge presented itself to me (in the form of a mural) I found my art again and all the barriers as to why and what and how of painting were blown away.
I reopened my studio, started to paint and haven't looked back. I paint full time and let the work lead me to the next idea and the next and the next.

In meeting Stella and joining this fellowship of creating for the help and love of homeless animals it has added the next dimension to the work.
It is wonderful to express yourself and create art....but to have the work inspire people to open their hearts and help an animal in need takes it to a whole new level of satisfaction.

There are many wonderful artists doing this, they are not all juried members of Art Helping Animals but they are doing good work with a similar spirit.

The true heroes are the workers and supporters who volunteer their time to help rescue some really desperate animals who need a chance at life and then a loving home.

Take a moment to visit read about each charity we support and also the website of Stella Violano become INSPIRED. It is time well spent online!

This painting is of a homeless, shelter dog named Daisy...she is awaiting adoption through the Malibu Pet Companions rescue. copyright 2006 Carol Chretien.

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