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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dalmatian Portrait(s) continue ...WIP

Align LeftMaggie


Top: Cleo, L: Brandie, Mid bottom:Maggie, R: Nikki
Today's work saw painting on everyone but Nikki.
(far right dalmatian)
Nikki will get the next session and we are very close to done.
Today I scumbled out the background a bit, worked on the other 3 Dals.
Cleo got the most attention with modeling her face and ears
I lost some edges and it softened the lines a bit.
Then the fur and shadows and collars on Brandie and Maggie...
Should be done by Thanksgiving!

This is the largest group portrait I have done it really is 4 portraits in one.
The finish is on the way.

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